Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dr. Baldwin's Thoughts on Thursday - January 25, 2018

To the RPS Community,
A majority of the people we meet would agree that racism and sexism are wrong - and they are. But there are a few more ‘isms’ that we don’t always talk or hear about. An ‘ism’ is ultimately stereotypes and biases that we might consciously or unconsciously hold of one group or another.
Oppression comes in many forms and there is no hierarchy of human rights as all forms of oppression are interconnected. Take a look at the seven isms below. It certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, but a starting point as we continue our journey towards equity for all members of our community here in the Ridgefield Public Schools. (www.gobeyondwords.org)
 Some topics are easier to talk about than others. 
What can and should we do when we find ourselves shying away from difficult conversations?
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This message was modified and adapted from http://www.gobeyondwords.org/The_Future_We_Want.html#MERE. Retrieved on 12/12/2017.
Karen Baldwin, Ed. D. 
Superintendent of Schools 
Ridgefield Public Schools 

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