Tuesday, January 30, 2018

December 21, 2017 - Initial Dr. Baldwin's Thoughts on Thursday

To the Ridgefield Public Schools Community,

In my role as superintendent of schools, I meet people all the time. Whether I’m in a school building talking with teachers and principals; participating in a meeting in town; visiting Hartford to learn of new legislation; or bumping into colleagues and friends from the past, people are an important part of my day - everyday. 

And what seems to be a constant is that I often learn something new when I talk to people. Sometimes it’s as simple as listening to someone tell me a story about their upcoming vacation or a great activity they tried out with students - and on occasion, I hear something that is really interesting or important. But the best conversations and interactions are when I hear something that makes me re-consider or re-evaluate what I think I already know about a topic.

To share some of my experiences with the larger community of RPS, I will be sending out a short message each week that will hopefully pique your interest, or make you consider something you may not have thought about in a long time. Each week you’ll receive a message that contains a short video clip, or a quote, or link to a provocative article and it will come from the handle, ‘Karen Baldwin’s Thoughts on Thursday’! 



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